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Antenna Pack Installation.  Make mushing safer with this universal antenna  that doubles as a pack. 

Always - Free Local Product Demos and Fittings

Scooters-Belize Bike

We carry 3 different types of Belize Bike scooters locally, which means you can try each before you buy!  When talking about scooters, it is easiest to refer to them by wheel size. The three we carry in this line are the Toucan 16/16, 20/20 and 26/20.  Call today to schedule a free product demo.


We carry two varieties of Crussis scooters locally.  The 20/16 Crussis Active  and the 26/20 Crussis Cross. Call today to schedule a free product demo.

Gear - Alpine Outfitters

Alpine Outfitters has been crafting high quality gear for working dogs since 1988, and all of their products are proudly made in the USA.  We carry, locally, their X-back and  Urban Trail harnesses, their double and single dog bikejoring/scootering lines and many other accessories. Call today to schedule a free product demo.

Gear- Non-Stop Dogwear

Non-Stop Dogwear's goal is to think outside the box by finding more comfortable, safer equipment for both you and your dog.  We carry (locally) their Freemotion and Line (half) harnesses as well as their bike antenna and running/joring lines. Call today for a free product demo.  

Miscellaneous Gear

We have many different combinations of harnesses, lines, boots, collars and more that you can try with your dog.  By seeing, feeling and "test driving" products, you will have a better feel of what will work for you and your dog(s). Call today for a free product demo.  

Dryland Dogs Antenna Pack

A special Dryland Dogs LLC product. More than just a universal joring antenna that will keep your line over your tire , it is also pack for all of your essential running gear! Comes in 2 sizes, check out our store.   

Price List

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