?questions to ask before you start?

What kind of person are you?

Some types of mushing take more physical strength and athleticism than others.  For those really daring individuals, you may want  to try a skateboard or Rollerblades, others may find a bike, scooter or canicross more their speed. 

What is your budget?

You can use the form of transportation you currently have (bike, skateboard, Rollerblades) or buy custom equipment.  Canicross belts are reasonably priced and you can purchase a scooter for around $200.00.  Whatever you do make sure you set aside money for a good harness and helmet. 

What kind of dog do you own?

 A lot will depend on your dog!  Is your dog a super athlete or a couch potato? Does he/she like to pull or run beside you?  How obedient is your dog?  You may want to adjust your gear for more or less control.  Is your dog anxious or fearful (this sport can help)? 

How many dogs do you have?

Bikjoring , canicross and scootering are ideal for 1-2 dogs, while other disciplines support many dogs.  Keep in mind dogs under 25lbs should not be expected to pull a load and will need your assistance.

Where would you like to run?

Do you want to step out your front door and take off with your dog in your neighborhood? Do you want to wind along trails in the woods?  Do you or your dogs have health issues that would require lower impact?  You may want a bike or scooter with shocks.  Keep any eye out for the heigth of a scooters platform it may be to low for the trails or to high to be comfortable. 

What is your goal?

When I first started urban mushing with Zeus it was to help him with anxiety and  reduce his "crazies".  Since that first ride, Zeus' anxiety is almost nonexistent, he and I are getting in better shape everyday, he is more content indoors (a tired dog, is a good dog) and we have developed an amazing bond!  This sport changed our lives for the better and I love sharing it with everyone I meet.